Frequently Asked Questions

We are thinking about ordering a stained glass window, where do we begin?

The first step is to notify us through our  "CONTACT US"  page.  We welcome the opportunity to work with you directly in creating stained glass windows that will exceed your highest expectations. 


What information will you need?

First we will need to know what stage of construction you are in now.  Are you still in the planning stages or will this project be for an existing location?  It is never too early to bring us into the process.   With our considerable experience we can often make recommendations which will avert future problems and expenses.  It will be helpful if you have approximate window sizes and shapes when you contact us.  We will then be glad to help you in the process of designing your unique creation.


How is the stained glass window made?

Stained glass is an art form which has remained basically unchanged for about 1000 years.  Colored glass of various types are purchased in sheets.  The sheets of colored glass are cut into pieces to conform with the working drawings (cartoons).  Then, if necessary, the glass is treated (painted, etched or stained).  Glass painting is the most common treatment that we use on glass.  The glass paint is a combination of powdered glass and oxides and is fired on to the surface of the glass at approximately 1250 degrees Fahrenheit.  The palette of colors is limited to blacks, browns and gray-greens.  Often the paints are applied to colored glass to achieve the desired effect.   The paints can be applied to clear glass when the limited color palette is sufficient (see 'Golden Eagle" or "Light of the World" {Detail}).  Transparent enamels are available in a larger color palette and are fired onto the glass at 1080 degrees Fahrenheit.  The glass can also be etched using acid or abrasive etching techniques (see "Blue Heron" center panel).  The window is then assembled using lead channels in the shape of an I-beam and is soldered where the joints meet.  Weatherproofing compound is worked between the lead and the glass to strengthen and waterproof the window.  Brace bars are added to stiffen the window and it is ready for installation.


How large of a window can you make?

The largest window on this site is 9'X17', but that is a misnomer.  Stained glass is constructed in panels which usually do not exceed 14 perimeter feet.  The panels are then normally installed into a structural aluminum frame which supports both the stained glass and the exterior protective glazing (which we recommend).  Aluminum window frames, especially designed for stained glass, are available through J. Sussman, Inc. on our "LINKS" page.


Why should I choose Zumwalt Studios?

Look through our portfolio, we feel that excellence in design and craftsmanship is what separates our studio from all others.  If you like what you see here, we believe that we can do something that will be equally pleasing for you.  We have displayed only a small portion of our portfolio and have selected for display some of the various design styles in which we work.  Come back often, we will be changing and expanding this portfolio regularly