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Since 1976, Linn Creek Art Glass has been the creative residence of artist Jeffrey R. Zumwalt. Trained in both ministry and the arts, Mr. Zumwalt seeks to re-establish the prophetic role of the artist, to see that which is not and to call it into existence.  This is the visionary thrust behind the architectural stained glass of Linn Creek Art Glass that you will be viewing on this site. Being both a glass painter and designer, his creative vision easily finds expression in both Houses of Worship and Private Residences.

"For the Christian the arts can be a source of joy, a symbol of the creativity that marks the mannishness of man, man himself being made in the image of God the Creator. For the Christian artist the sky is not the limit. Because he can distinguish between reality and illusion, he is the one whose imagination can "fly beyond the stars."

"Art and the Bible"
Francis A. Schaeffer

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